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How I took Jaye Green Platinum Blonde in 1 Day

Going platinum is no easy victory. It should be a well thought out decision as it can put a lot of stress on your hair. Your number one consideration should be who you go to for this massive make over!! This can make a world of difference.

You need to find a stylist that is experienced in colour correction. One who will assess your hair and see if its even an option. There is no point in having white hair is its jellied and can not be styled.

Step 1.

Made sure her hair is healthy enough to lighten.

If not, you can spend a little time prepping the health of your hair and getting it ready for the big day.

I used Goodwill Kerasilk intensive smoothing mask.

Step 2.

The make over.

I assessed the hair from roots to ends and used an appropriate lifter for each section mixing in Goldwell Bondpro+ ( this helps keep the hair strong whilst lifting )

Mids - Goldwell Topchic 6% + Dust Free oxycur Platin Lightening Powder.

Ends Topchic 3% + Dust Free oxycur Platin Lightening Powder.

I applied a full head of slice foils 1cm off the roots, leaving zero hair out!

Once lifted for full processing, I rinsed and assess the areas that need a second application. This can be done by either applying a second application of foils or by freehand painting the warm areas. It is important to remember that freehand colouring will not give you as much lift as foiling so make sure you chose your technique wisely. Goldwell Bondpro+ should be used in each colouring stage.

I was able to apply lifter on free hand as the hair was close to target level.

Rinse. Then apply your appropriate lifter to the roots for full processing time. I used Topchic 3% + Dust Free Oxycur Platin Lightening Powder.

All hair must be very very pale yellow to white. If not the hair can not be toned to its proper whiteness.

Rinse. Now to pick your toner.

This will depend on the exact platinum/white you or your client is after.

My formula,

Ng - 20mls 3% 16mls 10v 4mls 10n

Ends - 40mls lotion 15mls 10v 5mls Pmix

Step 3.

Home Hair Care

It is extremely important to be using a purple shampoo at home. I use Milk Shake Silver Shine Shampoo. This needs to also be used with a treatment mask every time you wash your hair.

I use Kerasilk intensive smoothing mask

Step 4.

Up Keep

Your salon visits will depend on your hair growth. But will need to be at least every 4 weeks. This is to avoid band lines. As the scalp produces heat, and will lift the hair lighter closer to the root.


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